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Adventure with harness


Aoubré offers you one of the largest parks in the region, a pioneer for 17 years, with 150 crossing spread over 10 successive and progressive courses between 1 and 15 m high.

After a briefing with an experienced and qualified animator, you will access at differents courses, made by professional, secured and controlled annually by an officially recognized organization.

These courses will gradually get used to the height, swinging, balance, to pass smooth crossing easy, open to all, more sporting activities for the largest and most dynamic:

  • For children, between 4 and 7 years old (> 1m05):

The Mowgli, initiatory course for children from 4 years, provided they are accompanied by an adult who follows the ground, with courses identical to those of adult courses.


  • From 6 years and up to 80 years

The Blue Tit  is a course suitable for children from 6 years old, provided they are accompanied by an adult in height to intervene quickly when needed! It's also suitable for the elderly so that they can grow in the trees and have somme sensations but without any physical difficulty. They can do this course with their small children of 6 years minimum, inter-generation... to have fun with them, without physical risks.


  • From 8 to 70 years

Several courses are offered with progressive sensations and varying heights:

  • The Pic-vert et The Robin are fairly easy courses, accessible to all, for a non-sportive family audience, between 5 and 7 meters high, with a wide variety of courses.

  • The Squirrel et The Black Eagle are more athletic and higher courses, between 7 and 12 meters, for an experienced public, with new courses that will suprise you.

  • The Zipline of the Peaks , to finish on a maximum pleasure with 120 meters of descent in a corridor of greenery.

  • Finally The Dream Trap for more than 8 years, to relax, waiting to do other courses, or to wait for parents, but attention more difficult than that in sounds and it can turn into a trap! But also for the big ones to have fun with others or to sit there waiting for the rest of the team and dreaming under the foliage.