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Celtic Calendar

Each civilization has developed a calendar, reflecting the relationship that it had with time, to identify itself, to follow the seasons and work related to it, to mark the great evants of the year.


The celts had a cyclical vison of time and they inscribed the human cycle in the great cycle of nature, in order to harmonize the rhythms of man on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

For them, nature, the image of the Mother-Goddess, was celebrated as a source of inspiration, a counselor of wisdom and beauty. They thought that Human was only one of the elements of great natural harmony.

So, depending on your date of birth, you have a guardian tree (which keeps you under its protection).


We arranged a clearing and planted there to present the 22 trees of the Celtic Calendar, and you can meet yours there.

If you want to discover your guardian tree,

click :ICI