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Have you thought of organizing your child's birthday outdoors, in a park in the middle of the forest, with enough activities to get tired and satisfy this team of little monsters?


Do not hesitate and book an unforgettable day in Aoubre


plaquette sortie scolaires nature

We will not offer special cakes or drinks, leaving you free to organize this event as you wish; We put at your disposal a refrigerator to keep the expected snack, and tables in terraces to feast after the activities.


Do not hesitate to bring something to decorate them for a festive atmosphere. A refreshment bar is at your disposal, if you wish, with ice cream, cold and hot drinks, and something to nibble.

We offer the entrance for the birthday child, provided ther are at least 5 paying entries, for which we grant you a "family" price.

The organizing parents are our guests, but the parents who bring the children can not enter in the park, except to drop them and collect them at the reception. 
Anyone entering in the park must pay an entrance fee.