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Aoubre Wild Discovery

You want to discover an exceptional forest, walkclimb treesdiscover animals and plants, relax and distract you a whole day and feel the throbbing heart of the Var?

So why not choose Aoubré, a private forest of 30 hectares, classified Natural Areasustainably managed with responsibility and solidarity ethics?

Aoubré is a love story with nature
and we want you to understand and experience the magic that lives offering you the best of what it can offer you.

Through your senses, we invite you to get in tune with the spirit of the place
and live sensations with the way we offer
on 30 hectares of the park:

  • The broader regional adventure park with high ropes course

  • The only park to discover the nature of Provence with farm animal park, trails and recreational and educational way

  • A unique butterfly garden in the Var, in the open and guided tours

Your project will be ours, whether for a day of leisure, discovery, fun, sports or educational, whether you are alone, as a couple, family, friends or group, and we are committed to offer you a day that meets your expectations and your needs, where time will stop to make room for well-being and serenity.
Rémy Roseau, owner and manager of the Aoubré park


Be careful not to confuse Adventure course and Accrobranche® even if Adventure courses are more and more often mistakenly called “Accrobranche®”.
Adventure courses are activities with fixed structures composed of platforms and crossing.
The Accrobranche® is an activity that consists of climbing and moving and even sleep in the trees by its own means and without a fixed installation. It was created and organized by the association “Les Accrobranchés” (who trained one of our animators in 2004).
Visit their website: